The Romans and Sasanians March to the IMC in July 2021

For centuries the Roman and the Sasanian Empires battled it out in the Near East for ideological and physical dominance. Frontiers expanded and retracted, with the two powers continuously interacting with one another throughout the third to seventh century.

But what were the political, and by extension diplomatic, military, geographic, and gendered climates that these two superpowers were living under? And how did they impact the Near East and the events that unfolded?

In this blog, I wish to share the panels that will be coming to the IMC under the umbrella CfP: ‘Byzantium and Sasanian Persia: The Climate of the Near East in Late Antiquity.’ This set of four panels has been co-organised between Domiziana Rossi and myself. The findings of the panels will be collated in an edited supplement volume of the Journal of Late Antique Religion and Culture (JLARC). These panels have also been kindly financially supported by the British Institute of Persian Studies (BIPS). Please find the panel outline below!!

We are looking forward to the exciting research which will be delivered at this event and we hope to see many of you there!

For those who wish to register for the event, please find the registration information at the link below:


Published by Sean Strong

Sean is a doctoral researcher working on the reign of Maurice (582-602). He holds a further interest in understanding the ideology behind identity and the perception of rulership in Eastern Europe and the Near East. Sean's research interests vary throughout the Late Antique and Byzantine world, and span across the fields of military, political, and social history.

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